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Hamner Springs

Trail Festival

The Hanmer Trail Fest weekend is taking place from Friday the 11th of September through to Sunday the 13th of September. The weekend is all things trail, from a Rogaine, 10km race, a hill challenge and an adventure film to wrap up the weekend.


Adults - $120 save $20

Juniors (12-17) - $70 save $20

The weekend pass includes entry to Rogaine, 10km Trail Run, Adventure Film Festival and the Conical Hill Challenge


With 1 and 2hr options, this rogaine will take you through the alipine village of Hanmer Springs. A nice into to Hanmer and a warm up for the weekend to come. 


This scenic 10km trail run starts and finishes in the historic Queen Mary hospital grounds. This run takes you on a whirlwind tour of Hanmer Forest and the surrounding trails


We are delighted to be screening an outstanding collection of unique adventure films from NZ's homegrown Mountain Film Festival, A mix of local and international adventure films. 


A quick dash to the top of Conical Hill, take this one on solo or compete as part of a relay team for your chance to be king or queen of the mountain! With a climb of over 200m across 5km, this hill is certainly a challenge!

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