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Hanmer Springs Community Trust as owner of Hanmer Events is looking to appoint a person, group, or company to manage their portfolio of events that run in Hanmer Springs. 

The successful applicant will have previous experience in running commercial events.


Experience in the following areas is expected:

  • Health and Safety

  • Marketing, inclusive of database marketing

  • Community liaison

  • Financial reporting and management

  • Understanding or knowledge of permit application processes and compliance.

The successful applicant must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Manage all facets of an event

  • Cope well under pressure

  • Manage community groups

  • Manage competitors’ needs

  • Manage planning functions both short and long term

We look forward to receiving your application to become our new Hanmer Events Organiser Extraordinaire by 22nd June 2022.  Please email your applications to Kerry Higgs at the address below.

If you have any queries regarding the events and would like further information or clarification, please contact Kerry Higgs at

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